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I'm Neo. I've been goofing off with code and nerdy things on the internet while wasting what is (supposedly) the best years of a human's life.


In Short:

At length (the development log):

Development Log

Blog Web Dev

[1/31/19] Created the Developer Mayhem page, along with this log for extra juicy details. Proofreading and optimizations are underway.

[2/2/19] Peril/us/ anonymous message board development is going well. Also, the site was moved to blog.enchoseon.com, which is sorta a big thing.

[2/8/19] Developer Mayhem moved to this site instead. I also forgot to log a bunch of stuff so dang it.

[2/13/19] I've been neglecting the blog because I've been lots of work on the other stuff. I'm making this update to confirm that I'm still not doing anything.

LOHS Student Resources, But It's Vaporwave

Since I believe scrolling interfaces are the future and that they will take over point-and-click interfaces, I made an entire page filled with student resources that you can scroll though. (You can see my scrolling addiction in my blog archive page).

LOHS also has might have a forum running on an a special version of Peril/us/ with word-censorship/flagging implemented.

Be-11 City Project Logs

Warning: Be-11 roleplay is being broken here.

Peril/us/ Anonymous Textboard Software

Peril/us/ is a fork of Beardog's MicroTxt software.

Peril/us/ Changelog:

0.2.0 - Removed usernames and tripcodes.

0.2.1 - Added sexy font and paint job.

0.5.0 - Set custom username from [Anonymous] to [User: #123456]

0.9.0 - Redid username generation with encryption, result: [User: #abcde]

0.9.4 - Array of 605 words generated by a Markov chain is seeded with Username (which is now the UserID), which should result in [User: Amlyssisa - #abcde], but weird bugs result in the user ID always being 'c'. UPDATE: As it turns out the 'c' bug was caused by my local server being unable to get my IP.

0.9.5 - Changed post ID from microtime to usercode.

To Do:

Open to public.

Be-11 City Website

Be-11 City is the city in which all of the mayhem goes down.

Be-11 City Gov Changelog:

Write basic stuff.

To Do:

Finalize storyboard.

Create graphics.

Open to public.