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This is not a picture of Thailand
Why Traveling to Thailand is Cool
Thailand is cool if you ignore the crime rate. (The picture is not of Thailand, it just looks cool.)
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Welcome to Enchoseon, the worst blog on the face of the Earth. This is a one-man endevour where I talk about useless things and people decide to listen with their own free will.

Just Developer Things ♥:

  • Accidentally triple-compressed and converted image files so now all pictures have Jpeg architects smothering them.
  • Accidentally locked out visitors (and myself) for +6 hours.
  • Finally came up with a permanent site header.
  • Found way to convert the site to static without screwing everything.
  • Decided to not convert the site to static because that’s a hassle so I just wasted the past 2 months.
  • Was unable to work on site for more than an hour for a whole week so I did basically nothing.
  • Discovered that the newsletter signup button glitches out if internet is slow or when viewed on a mobile device. It looks absolutely brutal on an iPad.
  • Proofread a few posts, only a dozen more to go.