Hello! This is the super-secret page holding super-secret information.

As you probably know, Neo is my alias.

What you don’t know: I’m a fluffy catboi.

My name is Sir Enchos Nyannels Eon the First, but that’s a mouthful so just call me Enchoseon.

How Posts are Made

Step 1: Be awakened by the sound of my wheezing computer.

Step 2: Be forced to get out of bed.

Step 3: Do not work on website and only work on procrastinating on more important things for 99% of my day

Step 4: Have a rush of adrenaline and endorphines from unhealthy sleeping habits the night before the post is supposed to release and work ceaselessly until I knock out and forget most of the experience.

Congratulations on finding this easter egg.

If you like my bad comedy you should read some of my posts, and if you join the newsletter I’ll even send you a list of my very best ones!

-Neo, the fluffy catboi living incognito as a human.

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