Super Fantastical Adventure!

What is this Project?

My plan is to come up with a text-based RPG that stretches story over gameplay and cool graphics. The catch? It’s all in batch, which will challenge me to create cool systems for a rudimentary game engine.

  • Music Player – [Done]
  • Basic Text Input/Output (For making performing basic actions that trigger things or simple games) – [Done]
  • Realtime Key Press Input/Output (For more advanced realtime games or events like Snake or Tetris) – [Not Done]
  • Storyboarding – [Almost Done]
  • Music – [Done]
  • Graphics Engine (It’s possible to make a font made of pixel grids and then to use them to create very rudimentary (or complex!) graphics, but I have no idea how to actually do that, I’ve only seen screenshots of what people can do.) – [Not Done]
  • Multicolor ASCII art engine. [Done]

There’s still a long ways to go, but I’m looking forward to rolling out a demo/alpha somewhere in mid-December.